I’m not the kind of girl to beat you down and bust your balls and fuck you with my strap-on without an introduction.

I am Miss.Kay.O and I am a Martial Arts Mistress.

As a competitive fighter with years of experience behind me, I bring an effortless physically to my sessions. My skill and technique ensure you will be pushed to your limits in an environment that is safe, controlled, and playful.

For instance, you might want to be dominated in a one sided kick-boxing match, or wrestled, pinned to the ground, restrained, and then played with: spanked, fucked, sat on and humiliated. CBT and nipple torture are particular favourites of mine, but if you have any strange or unusual fetishes, I look forward to hearing more.

The privacy and limits of each client are extremely important to me, and I expect the same in return. My hard limits are: small penis humiliation, racial humiliation, needles and HS. Personal hygiene and good communication are of course essential.

I approach every booking with creativity, enthusiasm, and intensity. So whether you’re looking for classic BDSM, or something more specific, I can build a session tailored to your own unique fantasy.